Christmas is one of the magical moments of the year and everyone looks forward to the season. There is a lot of joy in the air and if you have to write a Christmas day essay, there is a lot of inspiration to get you started. Well, like with any other form of writing, you need to think critically about your essay on Christmas to come up with the best paper. There’s so much you can write about but you have to narrow down on one topic.

Most students think this is an easy task and leave it until the last minute only to realize they can’t figure out what to write. To avoid such problems with your Christmas essay in English, use the following tips to get you started. Take a look:

Brainstorm for Topic Ideas
Before you get started on your essay, spend some time talking to family and friends to find out common topic ideas they have. Of course, the final decision is yours to make but it is good to get different perspectives whenever you have to write. If you go online and search “topics for my holiday essay” you will also find topic ideas and this will open your eyes on what you can tackle.

Look for Sample Christmas Essays
It is not yet Christmas but it is easy to find essays written about this important holiday. Go online and visit essay writing websites to find sample essays. To make things easier, use a search engine and type “essay on how I spent my holiday” and you will find numerous papers covering the same topic. Sample a few papers to get ideas for your writing.

Choose your Essay Topic
Now that you have brainstormed and read what others have done before, it is time to narrow down on your topic. This is one of the most important stages of your writing because it determines what next you do. If you want to identify a topic easily, write 10 sentences about Christmas, and you will find the best idea staring at you from the paper.

You can also choose your topic from the following suggested ideas:

  • Christmas is one of the most popular festivals worldwide.
  • Why can’t we have Christmas twice in a year?
  • The day I met a real-life Santa Claus in my neighborhood
  • A history of Christmas through my years (include a paragraph on Christmas festival over the years)
  • How to prepare a special Christmas Turkey
  • The most unusual Christmas holiday I ever experienced
  • Is society losing the real spirit of Christmas due to love for shopping?
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Can Christmas have any meaning without presents?
  • My first Christmas away from my family
  • The most memorable gift I ever received

Collect Your Essay Ideas
At this point, you already have a topic and a few lines on Christmas from your brainstorming sessions and sample essays. Organize these ideas and add your personal experiences. Create an outline showing where each idea will go. Make sure you write a lively essay to reflect the festive mood during this holiday.

There you have it; writing an essay Christmas is fun and you should enjoy yourself while doing it.

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