There are several great apps that you can use today to get the most out of your essay writing needs. These are all programs that should do well no matter what your essay will be about or what you need to do when getting an essay ready. Don’t forget that many of these apps are free, although paid versions with more features are available in some cases:

  1. Dragon Dictation. The first option lets you speak directly into a microphone. The speech the app reads will be transferred onto your word processing program. This is useful if you are not all that great at typing.
  2. Evernote. Use Evernote to gather and organize the notes you wish to use for your paper. Evernote saves online content and lets you add extra notes or details on it. All your notes can be released into several collections.
  3. editMinion. Get a clear idea of your spelling or grammar issues with editMinion. The app reviews grammatical concerns like when you’re using weak words or you’re using certain words too often. You can also find overly long sentences. Suggestions for how you can find the issues editMinion finds are provided to you as well.
  4. Coggle. Available for free, Coggle provides you with a graphic interface for arranging your ideas. You can take your notes and organize them with certain bits of data listed closer to each other.
  5. Twinword Writer. Get some good ideas on what words you can use with Twinword Writer. This app works as a mobile thesaurus and is useful when you are trying to avoid being dependent on specific words or phrases.
  6. WriteRoom. This app is made for people who are on the go who still need to get regular access to their notes. You can save your notes on a WriteRoom account and get plain text updates on your phone.
  7. This next option is a helpful app that works with brainstorming needs in mind. helps you identify different ideas based on certain prompts you wish to use.
  8. Ulysse. You can take multiple documents or notes and organize them on the same document file with Ulysse. The app analyzes your content and converts it into a format that is easy to read on a word processing program. The design allows all your content to be easy to find.
  9. Trello. You can use Trello to organize your plans for working on a task. Trello lets you create a calendar or schedule for your research and writing plans. This helps you keep focused on what you want to do next with your work.
  10. EasyBib. EasyBib simplifies the process of producing a works cited section. You can use EasyBib to enter in details on your resources. After that, you can select the citation standard that you want to get the subject matter ready in.

Be sure to see how well these essay writing apps can work for you. These are all useful apps that will give you more control over your essay.

Hello! I'm Josh, and I'm a college student. Research paper writing is a kind of a hobby for me, maybe because I love the things I study. I hope that my experience will help you to get better grades.

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