Writing essays is an important part of the school curriculum. As students advance through high school and college, they’re normally required to write such compositions. Among the numerous types of writings that learners are likely to encounter, opinion essays are by far the most common ones. Given that such essays contribute to the general performance of a student, it’s vital for learners to fully master the technique of writing them.


By definition, an opinion essay is a type of academic paper that aims at presenting the personal views of the writer concerning a particular subject matter. It should clearly state the author’s opinion which has to be based on logical facts.

The Framework

The structure of an opinion essay follows the same arrangement as any other essay. It’s usually divided into three main parts which include the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph that should clearly state your opinion. The body of your essay is where the writer elaborates his or her opinion using valid viewpoints; in addition, using relevant examples would definitely help to further drive the point home.

You should present an interesting concluding statement so as to end the opinion essay with a bang. This section is always the final paragraph that summarizes the whole essay. You should create the conclusion paragraph in a way that leaves the reader with a zeal to investigate the topic further.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Opinion Essay

Choosing an essay topic isn’t always an easy task; nonetheless, the following guidelines can help you come up with a fitting topic for your essay.


One simple tip about essays is that it’s quite easy to write about something you are interested in. If you choose a topic that you’re passionate about, expressing your point of view becomes much easier.  

Ease of Research

You should keep in mind that a good essay is not only written purely based on your personal point of view; extensive research to back your claims will definitely liven your writing. 

Ample Depth

Broad topics are generally complex to cover beside making the readers lose interest quite easily. On the flip side, going for narrower topics will ensure you cover the subject comprehensively. 

Possible Opinion Essay Topics

Having read some vital aspects of opinion essays, the following are some interesting topics that you can choose from. 

  • Do you agree that hard work is more important than talent?
  • Do you concur that technology makes people lonely?
  • What is your perspective on the appropriate way of teaching this math?
  • Students are usually rewarded for excellent grades and punished for poor ones. Is this method effective?
  • Should rich people pay high taxes?
  • Do you consider compromising a sign of weakness?
  • Do you think school days should be extended?
  • What are the appropriate disciplinary techniques you would recommend to your school?


Writing an opinion essay is quite easy when one understands its requirements and fully adheres to them. It’s also good to remember that for a piece of writing to stand out, one has to choose an interesting topic that will hook the readers and leave them yearning to further explore the topic of discussion. 

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