If you are like most students, essay writing is not the easiest of assignments you have to complete. They require a lot of time and you must conform to a strict writing style to get a good grade. With so much already on your hands, researching for an essay and compiling the ideas can cause a lot of stress. Teachers, however, say the problem is not lack of time but failure to find good topics to write about. Most students rush to start their writing without a lot of thought on how to develop the chosen subject.

Importance of Choosing the Right Essay Topic
If you always struggle with your essays, you need to find better topics. The subject you choose to focus on will determine how your writing will turn out. Learners who pick interesting essay writing topics have an easy time in their research. They enjoy the journey and the work submitted earns them a good grade.

You won’t have to strain to find material to support your argument if you have a lot of interest in the subject chosen. Most likely, you already have an idea where to find supporting materials for your paper. These are some of the reasons to choose good essay topics. It saves you a lot of trouble when writing and your papers will always impress the teachers.

Sample Topics for Different Essays
If you always have a problem picking titles for your papers, here are some suggestions to get you started. Take a look:

Informative Essay Topics
Like the name suggests, these essays educate and give new perspective on different topics. Some sample essay titles for your informative paper include:

  1. A discussion of the impact of global warming in agriculture
  2. A second look at the issue of domestic violence in modern society
  3. What are computer viruses and who should be worried about them?
  4. What has caused an increase in traffic accidents?
  5. An informative essay on racism in modern day America
  6. A discussion on air pollution and its impact on society

Persuasive Essay Topics
In this kind of writing, your role as a writer is to convince the reader to agree with your argument. Examples of college essay topics to persuade readers include:

  1. Homework is a health risk and should be banned
  2. School holidays are not helpful anymore
  3. Students should be paid for competitive sports in schools
  4. The internet is a right and all regulation on internet use in schools should stop
  5. It is time to lower the voting age to 16 years now

Argumentative Essay Topics
In these essays, you will propose a thesis statement which you will go ahead to defend. It is a popular form of writing and you can write argumentative essays on current topics to captivate readers. Take a look at some samples:

  1. Education is a right and should be free for everyone in the country
  2. Tobacco production and sale must be banned now
  3. Most of the current public school policies are outdated and need reviewing
  4. Mobile phone do more harm than good in schools

These are just a few of the topics you can use for your paper. If you want to access good topics easily, go online and pay for essay. These experts offer comprehensive essay assistance including writing the essay for you.

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