When it comes to writing, essays come up as some of the most common compositions in high schools and colleges. There are different types of essays, each serving a specific purpose. Most educators like to give out argumentative essays for many reasons, one of which is sharpening how a learner articulates his or her views. 

Definition of Argumentative Essay

This is a type of writing in which a writer makes an argument while backing it up with thoroughly researched facts. What makes this particular essay different from the rest is the fact that writers have to take a stand and support their opinion with ample credible evidence. 

Important Requirements

Learning the specific requirements of an argumentative essay is key to writing an outstanding piece. Besides being confident, it’ll also allow you to know the expanse of your creativity. 

Perform Thorough and Effective Research

An excellent argumentative essay shouldn’t be based solely on your personal thoughts; it also has to be supported by extensively researched facts. For this reason, before commencing on your writing, ensure you’ve done adequate research on the particular subject. This will also help eliminate an intermittent flow of ideas.

Create A Strong Thesis

In essay writing, a thesis plays a very crucial role. It’s where the foundation of the writing lies. Therefore, composing a strong thesis will definitely make your essay stand out and captivate your readers. 

Factors to Consider When Writing an Argumentative Essay 

There are numerous topics regarding argumentative essays that one can choose from. Given that a good piece of writing starts with choosing the right topic, here’s a guide to help you select an intriguing subject. 


Going for a theme that you’re extremely passionate about makes the research process fun and easy. 

Depth of the Topic

The scope of the subject shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow; it has to be fairly broad in order to let you touch on important factors without losing the interest of your readers. 

Be Unique

Avoid choosing overdone topics as people have heard them several times. Choosing a unique subject will arouse interest in your readers besides making your essay stand out from the rest.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay Topic

The structure of an argumentative essay is quite similar to other types of essays; here’s a breakdown that highlights different sections in such compositions. 


The initial part of your writing should entail catchy phrases to draw the reader’s attention. It should also provide information that’ll help readers have a rough idea of the topic of discussion.  


The thesis is the central point of your argument and should be outlined clearly to make readers understand your point of view.


The body of an argumentative essay is usually made up of three paragraphs that provide proof to support the thesis.  


This is the last part that summarizes your essay and restates the thesis. 

Possible Argumentative Essay Topics

Having seen the different elements of an argumentative essay, here’s a list of topics you can choose from.

  • Should prisoners be permitted to vote?
  • Should physicians be allowed to promote medicine?
  • Does Physical Education (PE) positively affect students’ grades?
  • Should companies have a lower or higher tax rate?
  • Should the possession of drugs be legalized?
  • Should Graffiti be adopted as a work of art instead of vandalism?

Final Thought

Becoming an exceptional writer starts with fully understanding a piece of writing. Following the points mentioned above will not only help you to develop the right attitude towards writing, but it’ll also help you to develop your skills.

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